Wolves v QPR Preview Quiz

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1) Wolves lost 2-1 when the teams faced each other in October. The loss was one of how many Wolves have suffered so far this season?

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3 losses
4 losses
5 losses

2) What is the points difference between the two sides in the Championship?

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32 points
38 points
26 points

3) Where are QPR currently positioned in the Championship?

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4) Who scored for Wolves in the 2-1 defeat away at QPR earlier this season?

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Diogo Jota
Leo Bonatini
Ivan Cavaleiro

5) Current QPR defender, Jack Robinson, had a loan spell at Molienux in 2013. How appearances did he make?

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23 appearances
16 appearances
11 appearances

6) What was QPR's result in their last game when they played Barnsley?

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QPR 1-0 Barnsley
QPR 2-0 Barnsley
QPR 3-0 Barnsley

7) Who is the current top scorer for QPR?

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Idrissa Sylla
Matt Smith
Conor Washington

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8) What was the score when the two sides met at Molineux last year?

make your selection below

Wolves 2-1 QPR
Wolves 1-1 QPR
Wolves 1-2 QPR

9) Who manages Wolves' opponents for this Saturday's match?

make your selection below

Neil Warnock
Tony Pulis
Ian Holloway

10) How many points will Wolves be on if they get three points on Saturday?

make your selection below

68 points
71 points
74 points

Wolves v QPR Preview Quiz

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Not bad but not great!

Valiant effort and it wasn't a disgrace, but you are a long way off the top my friend!

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Good effort!

Decent score, not perfect though!

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Cracking score!

Top of the league table form!

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